Okay, there are three purposes for this blog.

I feel that if we made a few improvements, we could attract more users :D

Here are the rules, and some revisions I thought might be helpful:


(Make this on a bulleted list)

Do not spam this wikia

Do not edit other users pages without they're permission first. (fix the grammar in this rule)

Ask to fix grammer issues (Once again, grammar. Spelled with an a.)


No sockpuppeting

Please do not use copywrited images (copyrighted, spelled like how I just spelled it)

(Maybe add some general rules about how you should avoid major cussing in chat and blog posts)

Fanfiction rules:

(Once again, the bulleted list would be better)

No writing about your characters having 'sexual activity'

Don't cuss 'a lot' in your stories (There shouldn't be any cussing in the fanfics, because they're warriors fanfics)

Make sure you rate your story for the blood and gore. (To do this, we need to make categories for this. I would suggest Light, Moderate, Heavy, or Extreme)

There's one thing that I would definitely suggest. About stubs. A LOT of this wiki's stories are stubs. These aren't too much of a problem at this point, but they could make everything cluttered up. I was maybe thinking giving people a month or so to edit them, or else they'll be deleted. Tell me what you guys think. 

And to attract more users, here's what I've decided to do. A contest!

This is for just regular fanfics, although if you really feel the need to enter a songfic you can. So here are the rules:

  • Must be at least five good chapters
  • It doesn't need to be a new page, you can enter one of your old things.
  • Must be finished before October 1. Just giving people some time.

I will need one other judge, so if you would like to be one, tell me in the comments. And another thing: make sure to tell me in the comments the name of your page.

And I decided to make prizes, even though I figure it's more about winning anyways :D So here they are:

1st place-- Gets a coded siggy/userpage/story/something, a charrie featured in the new series I'm about to make, and a picture of a charrie of your choice.

2nd place-- A charrie featured in the series I'm about to make, and a charrie pic of your choice.

3rd place-- A charrie featured in one of the series I'm going to make.

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