• I live in My own crazy world... .3.
  • I was born on July 6
  • My occupation is being spotty :3
  • I am Karkat
  • Spottedpool599

    Hai! Spotty here~

    Unfortunately, I'm still ranked #3 on this wiki. Pathetic life...

    jk, jk.

    Anyway, back to the point. You may or may not have heard of Legendary, my new series. So yah. It's kinda gonna be like the hunger games but not. xD so I already have 2 of the apprentices, the main charries. So I'll need ten more apprentices and a ton more bg charries.



    How late in the series do they die?:

    Do they belong to FireClan, WolfClan, BirdClan, or TreeClan?:


    1. Aquapaw
    2. empty
    3. empty
    4. empty
    5. empty
    6. empty
    7. empty
    8. empty
    9. empty
    10. empty

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  • Spottedpool599

    Hi, I just joined this wiki.

    So, if you don't know me, I'm Spotty. And I'm going to hold a contest!

    It's a short story contest. But not just any short stories.


    • it must be about a couple.
    • Said couple must be of cats in the books and non-cannon
    • The couple can't be even hinted at in the books (well, yes it can actually. But it has to be one the erins haven't revealed is cannon such as CinderXFire or HollyXFallen.)
    • The story must amuse me >:D (jk, but it has to have at least one joke.)
    • the story must have no chapters
    • it can't be in script form, it has to be solid text
    • maximum three paragraphs (almost wrote pawagraphs lol)

    Anyway, enter your story when it is finished with a link included in the comments.

    UPDATE: you also must tell you'll be entering…

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