• I live in AwesomeCity and BunnyCity and BananaCity
  • My occupation is Epic Queen of AwesomeCity, BunnyCity, and BananaCityXD
  • I am A flying pink banana
  • Silverstar10

    Hey guys! I have this new story called The FlameClan Diaries, stories about a bunch of apprentices in this cat like school called FlameClan Academy. It's just like your typical middle school or high school, but with warriors! And YOU can submit TWO characters if you wan tto :D All ya have to do is fill out this:


    Rank:(I want it to eb mostly apprentices, but kits and queens will work to :)




    Futute:(This will seem confusion, but it's like what the apprentices chose to do when they become warriors. Tey can either be:)



    Builder(Builds and decortes camps)

    Healer(A medicine cat)

    Kitcarer(A kit sitter)

    Mentor(A teacher)


    Name: Silverpaw

    Rank: Apprentice

    Personaility: Very quiet and shy, a bit of a goody…

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