Hey guys! This is a character contest with various prizes!

Use this format to create a fursona:


Age: (Suitable for your character's rank)

Appearance: (Be as detailed as you can.)

Personality: (Describe every aspect of the way your character moves,behaves,what they like etc.)

Rank: (Don't do one someone else already has.)

History: (Describe this, and how it makes your character feel.)

1st Place: Your cat can star in I'm Yours. It will appear many times in HeatherClan High, an upcoming TV show of mine. You get to name a kit in Lilypaw's Stormclouds,a virtual hug, and a bragging siggie.

2nd Place: Your char appears in HeatherClan High, and you can name a kit in Lilypaw's Stormclouds. Also a bragging siggie.

3rd Place: Your char appears in HeatherClan High. A bragging siggie.

Below 3rd: Bragging siggie.

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