Everybody's waiting...

Everybody's watching....

Even when you're sleeping....

Keep your eyes open...

The Dark Forest have won. StarClan has been destoryed forever. Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Firestar are dead while Dovewing has dispeared. All hope is lost.

Now, 24 cats chosen out of all clans must compete in the battle to the death in the annual Warriors Games. Will your favorites survive?


Okay, I am doing this little thing for this story. I know I should've done this on WFW, but Im blocked there(don't ask :/) so Im gonna do it here! :D First, you will get "Fresh-Kill points" for doing some stuff for the story. Then, you can spend these points on different items to send to these cats. However, if you want to sponser, you MUST be a fan of the story. Let the sponsoring begin!

Here are some ways to get fresh kill points.

Comment On The Story: You'll get 10 points. :D

Become A fan: You'll get twenty points! :D

Review: where you rate the story 1-10. You get thirty freshkill points.

Do A Poll: I will post a poll. If you answer it, you get fourty fresh-kill points!

Tell people about this story: Now, if you do this, you get double th epoints, which means you get sixtypoints.

Vote for me in a contest: Once again, double the points. You get eighty!

Make fan-art or banner: You get 100 fresh-kill points! :D

Here's what you can spend your points on:

2 pieces of prey: 10-20 fresh-kill points.

5 pieces of prey: 25-35 points.

1 dose of herbs: 10 points.

A letter: 20 points. Careful, each word cost 1 piece of fresh kill, so make it quick!

A weapon: 30 fresh-kill. And when I mena by weapons, I mean like dog teeth, deathberries, claw reinforcements, or a poisned snake tooth.

Let the games begin. :D



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