Boiling, boiling, into the night. But very soon we will take it like fright. Spotted, spotted leaves. Spotted, spotted leaves. You try to make me sneeze! (Achoo). Spotted, spotted leaves. All around us, giving us all the fright we need. (Ahhh!) Spotted, spotted leaves. Why don`t you do us any good? Why does it take so long, for you to lighten up? Spotted, spotted leaves. Give us all the time we need. Spotted, spotted leaves. Why do the others need you here? (Why?) Spotted, spotted leaves. Take us away as you please! (Ahhhh!) Screaming, ranging fright. Why won`t you give us another chance? Let us, let us live. Spotted, spotted leaves, don`t let the others see! (Someone faints) Spotted, spotted leaves!

Spottedleaf by taravia-d5xi1hr

Deadicated to Spottedleaf, the real spotted leaf.

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