Deerkit woke up to see her brother Newtkit staring at me in excitment. What was happpening today? Had she forgotten something? "What?" I asked annoyed by this rude awakening. "OUR APPRENTICE CEREMONY YOU STUPID MOUSE BRAIN!!!!!!" Said Newtkit impatiently. "WHAT!!!!!!" I said. I shot my head up to Newtkit's surprise as it flung him up in the air. "What was that for???????" Said Newtkit angrily. "Sorry!" I said quickly as i started grooming myself quickly. "You want to look pretty for Rabbitpaw don't you!" He said lifting his eyebrows up and down. "Do not..." I said gently then a surge of anger started building up inside her and she suddenly yelled "Well, it's no secret you think Birdkit is cute!" Birdkit Seafoot's daughter looked up at the sound of her name. "What?" she asked. Before I could answer Newtkit lept. "Deerkit said she thought you were stupid!" "WHAT no I didn't!" I screeched. "What did you say?" Birdkit questioned me. "Nothing I swear!" I said. I was to late she was already on my face nibbling at it. It took me a minuet but I finally shook her off. She may be 2 moons old but she sure was fiesty!

Soooo this is just the begining of my story please tell me what u think in the comments. This is my first fanfic so please be kind. Teaser to next chapter: Birdkit made faces at me from the crowd. I scowled at her. Mom glared at me. Newtkit gave me a funny face as well as the rest of the crowd... even rabbitpaw. Thanks alot Birdkit.