This is a fan-fiction written by yours truely, Dawny. I hope you enjoy it!


The trees wavered in the air. The wind spreading the strong scent of dog around the valley. Blood plastered to the Pine trees that struck into the ground. Thick stormy clouds lingered over the clans. Storms were promising.

A cat laid sprawled out on their side, a long cut deep slicing through their flank. A large pool of blood surounded them, soaking there pale brown fur. The cats green eyes were blank souless sockets. The stench of dog lingered around them.

Paleheart..... A small voice whispered in Wolfspirts head as he glared in terror at the dead she-cat. His mouth gapped open as he took in the scene. Rapid thoughts were racing through his head. What happened? Why is she dead? Who did it? Then the scent of dog filled into his nose.

Wolfspirt stepped forward, hot sticky blood wetting his paws. "P..P..Paleheart!" He screeched out as tears welled up in his eyes. He unsealthed his long and peircing claws into the dirt as he felt his lip curl. He bared his teeth as he let out a long and painful cry. He threw his head back and felt his tears roll down his face.

I've been a run away, ever since you came. You caused these tears that tatter away. The song we sung together, is no more. I shall mourn for you death, forever more.

Chapter oneEdit

Palepaw reached over and hooked a squirrel with her left paw, bringing to her jaws. A bushy tail swept over and flung it out of her grasp, making Palepaw look up. "Wolfpaw!" She whined and scrambled towards the prey. She clutched it in between her jaws as she narrowed her intense amber eyes at the fairly large tom.

Wolfpaw winked at her and grabbed a vole from the fresh-kill pile. TBC