Ravenpaw was running through the forest, Tigerclaw close behind him. "Let me have my revenge!" Yowled Tigerclaw. "What revenge?" Ravenpaw asked. "Don`t play mousebrain with me." Said Tigerclaw. "I`m not playing mousbrain." Ravenpaw hissed back. "Then what do I want revenge from you?" Asked Tigerclaw. "I don`t know!" Ravenpaw yowled. "I`ll be back in a second." Hissed Tigerclaw. He ran to camp. It gave Ravenpaw just enough time to escape. "Fireheart! Bluestar!" He yowled. Silence. BluestarleaderofThunderClan (talk) 22:47, September 6, 2015 (UTC)BluestarleaderofThunderClan

Ravenpaw scrambled up the rocks. He was out of Tigerclaw`s sight. He raced to camp. "Bluestar!" He yowled. "Yes, Ravenpaw." Said Bluestar. "Tigerclaw is chasing me!" He said. "Tigerclaw!" He heard Bluestar yowl. "Oh, yes Bluestar." He purred. "You chased Ravenpaw." She said. "No, I didn`t." Said Tigerclaw. But Bluestar could see him panting. "I know your lying." She said. "You are banned from this Clan." "No!" Yowled Tigerclaw. He ran away. "Yay!"

All the cats yowled. "Tigerclaw has caused enough trouble." Bluestar said. BluestarleaderofThunderClan (talk) 22:47, September 6, 2015 (UTC)BluestarleaderofThunderClan
ok, so this was a short fanfic. I am sorry. But this is good :). And here is the picture for it:
Thsmallblackcatanim 1

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