Lionstar sat outside his den looking up at the moon. Its time, he thought. Padding outside of the camp, he felt excitment pulsing through his paws. This is my first time doing a apprentice's warrior ceremony since i became leader, and I'm lucky enough for those two apprentices, Stormpaw and Cloudpaw, to be my own sons! Breaking into a run, he soon skidded to a stop when he could see a storm brewing. Maybe i should do this tomorrow when the weather is better, but he soon noticed one of the dark grey clouds was shaped like a claw. Stormclaw! Its a great name for him, Lionstar thought to himself. After a long time of walking, he saw a cloud that was changing shape. This one must be for Cloudpaw. Lionstar let out a gasp. But.. that doesn't make any sense! The cloud had changed shape, but it wasn't a good one. Its... its a paw! Does that mean... Cloudpaw will stay a apprentice forever, either through dying or serious injury. No...

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