Leader: Troutstar | M

Deputy: Featherclaw | F

Medicine Cat: Birchpelt | F

Warriors: Silversky | F

Battail | M

Stoatpelt | M

Apprentices: Falconpaw | M

Jewelpaw | F


Leader: Tinystar | F

Deputy: Bramblepelt | M

Medicine Cat: Dustwind | M

Warriors: Sandfeather | F

Blazeflame | M

Enchantedbeauty | F

Electricwave | M

Apprentices: Finchpaw | M

Cinderpaw | F

Blazepaw | M


Leader: Petalstar | F

Deputy: Loonfang | M

Medicine Cat: Featherfall | F

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Blossompaw | F

Warriors: Dustfur | M

Whitedash | M

Snowcloud | F

Silverstripe | F

Shadowfur | F

Nightfoot | M

Apprentices: Frostpaw | F

Grasspaw | F

Thornpaw | M

Dashpaw | M

Info About the StoryEdit

  • Frostpaw is the main-character
  • RiverClan DOESNT exist
  • Please Enjoy!


Frostpaw flipped up clawing at bush branches falling flat on her back. Shadowfur flicked her tail "clutz" she muttered. Frostpaw bit her tounge hiding a nasty retort. She went over the move in her head and focused on her goal. Come on Frostpaw! You can do this! She thought. Frostpaw launched herself at her sister, Grasspaw, then slid under her to dart through the bushes straight to where Shadowfur was sitting with her mate Nightfoot. Frostpaw lunged over the black tom to tackle her mentor. The two she-cats wrestled in a fit of fur and claws. "Shadowfur! Frostpaw!" A sharp voice hissed. Frostpaw turned around to see her leader, Petalstar sitting on a oak branch high in the tree. The white she-cat started to feel uneasy. "Why are you fighting?" The calico she-cat asked.

"Its training Petalstar." Shadowfur meowed her voice unsteady. Petalstar nodded. "Go back to camp, we're getting ready to go to the gathering." Shadowfur walked away with Nightfoot leaving the two apprentices. "We should go too." Frostpaw mewed to her sister. Grasspaw nodded and they raced back to camp.

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