This story belongs to Stormy!

StreamClan is the ideal Clan--

Or so they say.

But to get to perfection

They must sift through all of the bad

To come out with the flawless.


In StreamClan, a tradition has been going on for countless moons. At birth, kits are evaluated for their strengths and weaknesses. If born mutilated or with any disability... they are abandoned to starve. Because StreamClan settles from no less than their high expectations.

This is the story of the cat who survived.

Chapter 1Edit

My small head bent over, fighting against the swirling snow. Pawstep by pawstep, I trudged through the heavy piles of frozen flakes, soaked, chilled to the core.

My bad paw dragged on beside me, unable to protect me from the blizzard. It slowly collected mud and grit. For a moment, I stopped to lick it off.

A gust of wind hit me with a new force. I squealed, toppling over. Then and there, I considered just burying myself in the snow, and waiting to die. After all, my mommy wasn't here for me. What was the point?

Although I was newborn, I was sharper than most, even though I wasn't physically in shape. So I realized that I couldn't just let whoever did this succeed. I had to fight all the way back to camp to get to my mother again so I could nurse and be happy.

Suddenly, something came whizzing down onto me. A tree branch! Fast as physically possible, I darted away and buried myself into the snow.


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