Liongtail : ( whispering ) they tigerclaw wanna go to the twoleg play place after bluestar ends this clan meeting? 

Tigerclaw : (whispering) ok but I'm to going to need a piece of prey , shes been talking for hours! 

Firepaw: (whispering, growling) shh , the leader talking! 

(Both nodded and listened) 

after the meeting ends : 

tigerclaw: wait are you sure that their no twolegs kits there ?

Longtail : nah its too late , the sun is burning hot for them! 

Whitestrom : going some where? 

Longtail and tigerstar : uh um , yes! Hunting! 

Windstorm : hmm ok

at the park 

tigerstar : look that yellow thing! 

Longtail : ready..., set..., Go CRazy ! 

( Both goes running around and playing like kits )