Story by: Silverfire :)


A kit trembled and died. "NO!" the mother yowled. She turned her gaze to her last kit alive. "I name you Deathkit." "What? You can't name her that!" the medcine cat urged, glaring at the mom. "I'll do what I want." the mother's eyes were cold. 

Chapter 1Edit

"Mama!" Shimmerclaw didn't even look up as Deathkit did the perfect stalking techniuque. "Stormclaw taught me!" Deathkit mewed. Shimmerclaw glared at her kit as she climbed on her. "Get off" Shmmerfur growled, shaking her pelt until Deathkit fell off. "Ow!" Deathkit wailed. "Go cry in your nest." Shimmerfur snapped, her eyes cold. 

Deathkit ran into her nest and buried herself in it. It was cold, probably because Deathkit was the only one who slept in it. Her nest was wedged n the corner while alL the other nests were in the middle. The other kits, Petalkit and Stonekit, had been told to avoid Deathkit. 

Deathkit opened her eyes. Her stomach rumbled, remnding her of how hungry she was. As he padded to the freshkill pile all the other cats drew back. She quickly grabbed a vole and crept over to the nursery. She ate outside, glancing at her Clanmates. 

Deathkit watched as the medicine cat chose a squirrel and looked for a place to eat. Deathkit's eyes widened as he sat down next to her. "So, how's it going?" Soottail asked. Deathkit shrugged. "How is Whiteclaw?" WHiteclaw had gotten attacked while hunting by rogues, and she was recovering in the den. 

"Oh, she'll be fine in a couple more days." Soottail mewed, finishing his squirell. "I need to go." Deathkit watched Soottail leave, getting glares from his Clanates for taking to her. 

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