Trouble OneEdit

Eeveestar: Hi.

Joltfoot: (burps) hi.

Eeveestar: (bags up Joltfoot) Anyway, today-

Espeonheart: Today we will be learning about burps

Eeveestar: (bags up Espeonheart also) We will be learning about Pokémon.

Class: (runs away)

Eeveestar: (gets class and glues them to seats) U NO BE ABLE TO DO THAT!!!!

Class: (somehow flies out of seats)

Trouble TwoEdit

Eeveestar: Hi! Back for another ep-

Eskit: (farts)

Eeveestar: ESKIT!!!

Eskit: (flies away)

Joltfoot: Oh, hi Eeveestar, would you like some fart juice?

Eeveestar: NO!!!!

Trouble ThreeEdit

Joltfoot: (cries) ESPEONHEART!!!!!

Eeveestar: SHUT UP JOLTFOOT!!!

Joltfoot: (keeps crying)

Eeveestar: I SAID SHUT UP!!!!!

Joltfoot: (cries until the building explodes)

Trouble FourEdit

Eeveestar: Hi ba-

Joltfoot: (talks with Espeonheart)

Eeveestar: Today w-

Joltfoot: (Keeps talking with Espeonheart)

Eeveestar: GRRR!!

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