A pale golden she-cat stumbled to the ground beside an old, broken down farmhouse. A dark gray tom rushed out and cried, "Olive!" He nudged her then cried, "Loyyed! Help me! It's Olive! She's having her kits!" Loyyed, a dark brown tabby tom ran out of the barn and lifted her onto his shoulders. "You get the rest of her, Soot." Soot put Olive's hindquarters onto his back. The two toms brought her into the barn and layed her down in the hay. A light brown tabby she-cat scampered down the ladder to them. "Thank goodness you're here, Mouse! Olive is hav-" "I know, Soot. You were screeching your lungs out outside." Mouse said. Soot looked down at his paws. "I'm just playing with you!" She said. "Now, to helping Olive."

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