Silverpaw never gets anything right. She only caught one piece of fresh-kill in her first moon as an apprentice. Even her sister hates her. When the day comes for her assessment, she must push herself to her limits... but she still fails. She begins to wonder if she'll ever get her warrior name...

Chapter oneEdit

"Silverkit, come on!" Squeaked Skykit, with Leopardkit, Hollykit, and Brightkit from Lightwing's litter trailing her. "Time for our apprentice ceremonies!"

"I'm coming!" Silverkit excitedly bounced after her sister. Mintleaf, their mother, had just finished smoothing their pretty silver tabby pelts.

Leopardkit, Hollykit, and Brightkit's long golden spotted pelts weren't smooth at all, but ruffled all over the place.

"Stupid messy fur." Leopardkit grumbled.

"Why doesn't Lightwing ever make us look pretty?" Hollykit complained.

Brightkit just bounced along with her white-and-orange pelt ruffled by the breeze.

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